Should you get pre-qualified before you start looking at homes?


Getting pre-qualified is an important first step before you jump in your car and start looking at homes. Why is this?

When money speaks, sellers listen. In a competitive real estate market, qualified buyers with the financial ability to complete a purchase are what sellers are looking for.

The advantages of getting pre-qualified are:

 - It tells you how much home you can afford and can help you focus your house hunting to a specific price range.


 - It allows you to determine a monthly house payment in which you feel comfortable with.


- When you make an offer on a home, being pre-qualified can demonstrate to a seller that you're serious and ready to buy and often can also give additional advantage over other buyers if you've been pre-qualified and they have not.


- Completing the final mortgage application will go faster since you've already provided much of your information.


You can get pre-qualified for a mortgage rather quickly. There are just a few easy steps involved in the pre-qualification process. Furthermore, the pre-qualification process does not cost you a penny.


Many Realtors will pre-qualify a buyer by asking several financial related questions. Me personally, I am a Real Estate and Marketing Specialist, which means I focus upon marketing/selling and buying Real Estate and I leave the pre-qualification and Mortgage Lending to a specialist.


Also, your personal finances and your yearly salary are none of my business and should be held confidential between you and your Mortgage professional.


Over the years, I have built a team of specialists that I work with that have the same philosophy as I do, which is....exceeding our customers expectations. Therefore, when you are ready to make the first step towards buying a home, I will introduce you to one of my team members whom I know you will enjoy working with and is the most professional and knowledgeable  Mortgage Lending Specialist in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.


Are you ready to take that first step?  If so......


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